Company Philosophy

Stump’s™ Smokers has gained the reputation as “the best built BBQ smoker on the planet”. It didn’t happen overnight, nor was it an accolade that was easily earned. It has taken 16 years of hard work, passion, belief in a dream and a strong desire to succeed. What started as one man’s passion and dream is still built into every product we manufacture. All of that rolled up into one person is what has made Stump’s™ Smokers the industry leader and has set the standard for which other manufacturers compare their products to.

Not only do we build smokers, we also build grills and our own custom open and enclosed line of Trailers for the BBQ world. Our line of Enclosed Trailers has created a niche market Stump started around 2002 with our creation of our Porch Model Enclosed Trailer. Custom designed work is 75% of what we do here at the Stump’s™ Smokers. We believe that listening to our customers wants and desires are paramount in building what believe will be a product good enough to carry our label. In order to insure our customers receive the quality and dependability synonymous with our company, we are constantly testing our products for  their performance.