Having originally started out building each cooker one at a time in his grandfather’s workshop/garage is where it all began. Cutting, fitting and meticulously welding each part by hand was the correct way to build this Smoker and interjecting the good ole Made in America spirit and belief is what made this project a reality. The hands on experience and being out there on the BBQ circuit competing against the other manufacturer’s products is where Stump gained the knowledge to understand the principles of building a “better bbq smoker”. Learning through trial and error was an integral part in making the advances in that have been part of the evolution of The Gravity Feed System™.

Building a better product starts with cutting edge technology and utilizing the most effective machinery for each process. Innovation and the desire to sustain our reputation is what drives us to seek out improvements in our fabrication and assembly process. Utilizing CAD model drawings, lasers for cutting metal, the most advanced bending and braking equipment, and only trained Welders for fabrication is what make the difference in owning a Stump’s™ Smoker.

The first step taken in the design of new a cooker is full scale prototype is fabricated to begin the overall design process. Vision is something that sets us apart from the rest of the BBQ community. Most of Stump’s designs come straight from his unique vision; being able to see this unit in its final build out stage as he delivers his conceptualizes it in the shop. The method’s we use begin each new prototype is normally done with intricate control of each and every part’s manufacture.
Secondly, the smoker is then put through a rigorous period of quality control in order to seek out any imperfections of areas of improvement needed to insure the performance and quality control in our new designs. Third, with the research and development phase completed; a working prototype is then built and is assessed for production and is then made ready for the last and final test.

Last and most important is the “Stump Test”. Before any unit becomes a new model and goes out for sale to the public, it first has to pass our own version of quality control. These units are put through a grueling period of up to 6 months of non-stop cook times to see if it has what it takes to carry the label of a Stump’s™ Smokers. No cooker has or will ever leave our shop without carrying that label. It’s the pride in knowing if Stump won’t cook on it, it isn’t a Stump’s™ Smoker.